Gaston Browne says Maria Browne deserves way more credit than she gets from the people of Antigua

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The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

ABLP Leader Gaston Brown said:

“Senator Frederick made a very important point yesterday. He said that within the Labor Party, certainly myself, as the Prime Minister, was responsible for the appointment.

Me, I had the right to appoint eleven individuals. And seven of them are females.

Seven out of eleven. Now, the UPP, of which Harrell is the one who obviously would have exercised the influence in the appointments, and if it was Pringle, Pringle at least would have appointed one person from his era.

What has happened there is that they had four and they appointed one female. Now, at the same time, they tried to be critical of the Labor Party about gender equity when even with this election of their rotten candidates, they could not even get maybe five half-decent female candidates to say, well, at least we have more female candidates in the Labor Party.

Now we have four young, capable candidates, all qualified in Comrade Samantha Marshall, and comrade Gail Christian.

In fact, between Comrade Samantha Marshall and Comrade Gail Christian, they have operated their law firms for over 20 years.

If I’m exaggerating, Samantha is probably close to about 18 years. And Gail is over 20 years.

Harold Lovell, as the leader of the UPP, could not even maintain one of the most successful law practices, Sydney Christian’s practice.

He ran it into the ground. And then you also have Senator Knacyntar Nedd, who is one of the graduates of UWI five Islands. And of course, Maria has a degree in psychology. She has a degree in law.

So you can see that we have four competent, four capable candidates. I’ll make the point here about Maria, too. In the first term, they were beating us that we did not achieve the 500 homes.

Do you recall that? Yes. You know that we got over 1000 homes. She has taken it off the table completely.

When we speak about the housing revolution, I mean, we don’t give it a credit, but to be told she’d be given a significant amount of credit because she has taken chapter national housing to another level.

National housing and chapel are now producing up to 2000 passes of land per year. Prior to Maria taking over, we were struggling to get a few hundred.

So to tell you, she has really buckled down significantly and would have learned a lot. I think she has grown at her job and she has performed.

So I have no doubt that the people of rural east will return her. And I am also equally confident that Comrade Samantha Marshall will be returned.”