Funeral for 2 men killed in Santa Cruz triple murder – Families demand justice

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

The large crowd at the church’s cemetery where both murdered men were buried. PHOTO BY ROGER JACOB –

RELATIVES of two out of the three men murdered in a bar in Santa Cruz on May 2, demanded justice during the men’s funeral on Friday at the Holy Cross RC Church in Santa Cruz.

Family members and friends filled the small church to say a final farewell to Brian Parouse, 58, and Dale Alexander, 43, who along with with Brandon Charles, 36, were gunned down in Webster’s Bar.

A few relatives and friends collapsed as they saw the caskets being brought into the church and later, taken out, as the service ended.

In the days after the brutal murder – which was captured on CCTV with video images being shared on social media – many people from Santa Cruz slammed the killers saying model citizens had been violently snatched at the barrels of assault rifles.

TT and WI batsman Darren Bravo leaves the church after the funeral for murder victims Brian Parouse and Dale Alexander on Friday. PHOTO BY ROGER JACOB –

Even retired TT and West Indis batting legend Brian Lara weighed in on the triple murder as he said he was deeply hurt to see how the high levels of crime had made the country unsafe and dangerous for everyone.

Parouse’s younger sister Carlene Parouse could be heard shouting loudly near the entrance of the church as she raged against her brother’s death. “You all kill my brother for nothing you know!”

Parouse’s daughter Saffiyah Parouse was also heard crying out in anguish. “They took my father from me,” she said. Both were later led away by other family members. Other mourners, comprisng relatives and friends of the two men, were heard saying the police must bring the killers to justice.

Lay minister Lenore Joseph called on mourners to reject materialism and embrace spirituality while encouraging their family members to do the same.

Joseph said she believes the solution to crime was for people to reconnect with God by practising values promoted in the Bible.

“When we watch what is happening today and when we can’t even sit on our porches or walk without looking back fearfully, then you and I know it’s not God that is in operation here, it’s the enemy.

“What do we need to do? Do we throw our hands up in the air in despair? Do we put up more burglar-proofing, do we get guns and dogs?

TAKEN AWAY: A weeping mourner is helped out of the Holy Cross RC Church in Santa Cruz on Friday during the funeral for Brian Parouse and Dale Alexander, who along with Brandon Charles, were shot to death on May 2. PHOTO BY ROGER JACOB –

“The answer is plain and simple, we return to God, return to our maker and give Him the honour, glory and position that is due to Him,” Joseph said.

She also called on mourners to build a stronger community spirit by looking out for each other and where necessary, correcting children who may go astray.

Throngs of mourners of all ages and backgrounds packed the aisles of the Church from as early as 12.30 pm with several crowds who were unable to get seats gathering outside the Church listening to the service through windows and open doors.

One mourner said a joint funeral was held for Parouse and Alexander as they were not relatives but were very, very close friends who often limed together. Both were laid to rest in the church’s cemetery.