Freeport father of 2 killed on way to girlfriend’s house

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Kefing Masimba Martin –

A 37-year-old father of two, with a third on the way, was gunned down on Thursday night while waiting for a taxi to his girlfriend’s home.

On Friday afternoon Newsday spoke with Lloyd Martin, father of the victim, Kefing Masimba “Simba” Martin.

Martin said his son, a telecommunications technician with Digicel, had just returned home and called his pregnant girlfriend, who lived a few miles away. He said he asked what she cooked and when she told him, he left home to get some.

“He just came home, and after he called his girlfriend, he said he was coming. He went out the road to get a taxi and walk down by the corner. He meet up his cousin and some friends and one of his cousins bought beers for them and left to come home.

“Next thing, my nephew hear gunshots and see Simba on the ground.”

Police said they suspect the motive for the shooting to be drug-related. They said Martin was not known to them and believe the intended target was close by when Martin and others were attacked. Police said there is an ongoing drug war and the intended target escaped unharmed.

A 48-second recording showed Martin being killed and two others injured on Thursday night. The recording, which was shared on social media on Friday, showed Martin liming with three men outside the Squeeze Recreational Bar at around 9.14 pm on Thursday.

A white Nissan AD wagon stopped and the front-seat passenger opened fire in the direction of the men before the car drove off. One of the three men ran and the others fell to the ground.

Martin lived at Arena Road, Freeport and was the father of two children, who sat the Secondary Entrance Assessment exam earlier this year.

The two other victims, 31 and 35, also from Freeport, were taken to the Couva District Health Facility and are warded in stable condition.

Martin said his son was a hard worker who was not involved in drugs and did not like excessive drinking.

“I don’t know, nah. The whole family shocked. They don’t know what to do,” Martin said.

In an unrelated incident, the skeletal remains of a man were found in Manzanilla on Wednesday.

Police said two men alerted Manzanilla police after they stumbled on the remains in a forested area, approximately two miles off Camp Road, Manzanilla Road. The remains were found with a gold watch, police said.