France’s National Front founder Le Pen rebuffs daughter’s call to quit


PARIS (Reuters) – French National Front founder Jean-Marie Le Pen rejected on Friday a call from his daughter, the party’s leader, to leave politics over comments he made that she fears will hurt her push to widen the right-wing party’s appeal. Marine Le Pen said on Thursday she would seek disciplinary action against her father after the 86-year-old was quoted this week calling France’s Spanish-born Prime Minister Manuel Valls “the immigrant”. He also defended Philippe Petain, the leader of the war-time government that cooperated with Nazi Germany. Last week he…

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Nick Jonas: Rihanna cover made my day - Music News

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Nick Jonas: Rihanna cover made my day
Music News
He's had great success with the second single from his self-titled-album, Jealous, and realised how big it had become when Barbadian star Rihanna covered the track. "I was in the car and it was the perfect time to have seen the video," he recalled to ...

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