Foundation helps Fyzabad single mother

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Ann Marie Singh on her job at Slims BBQ, Southern Main Road, Rousillac. – AYANNA KINSALE


The hassle of schools reopening is not lost on anyone, but the financial drain it possesses can sometimes be. To ease the strain, the Share the Love Foundation run by Dianne Ramdeen-Jagarsar and a team of her former school friends has been helping families in need and has gone above and beyond for one family in particular. While carrying out their charity work, the team was told about Ann Marie Singh by a member of the foundation.

“As much as Ann Marie is trying to help herself, we (the foundation) need to do something to help her,” said Ramdeen-Jagarsar.

Singh lives in a small flat house, overgrown with bushes, with no windows, electricity, or running water at Silver Stream, Delhi Road, Fyzabad. She said she needs all the help she can get as at her job cleaning chickens at a barbecue shed she earns $150 per day.

“Sometimes I work two or three times a week, the boss will tell me,” she said, “I also pay a nearby relative $100 to take care of my younger children since I can’t leave them home alone.”

After these expenses, she makes just enough to put food on the table and isn’t left with enough to purchase textbooks, and uniforms, or fund any work around the house. Singh said at least one textbook costs $500 but thanked Ramdeen-Jagarsar for helping her provide that for one of her children who attends Delhi Road Hindu School.

“I felt great when Dianne helped me and I thank her every time she does.”

Singh and her children live without electricity and when school was held online for two years, her brother allowed them to use devices and internet access at his home.

Singh has since been assured of help by the Share the Love Foundation.

Ramdeen-Jagarsar has been leading the team since last May and hasn’t stopped operations since.

“During the covid19 pandemic, we saw how severely people were being impacted and we really wanted to help people at least put food on the table for their families. Besides that, our group of school friends share the common goal of wanting to help people within our community by whatever means necessary, so there was no better reason than to come together and do what we can.”

Ramdeen-Jagarsar said the idea for the foundation came from growing up with her mother and siblings who always helped people.

“It is something I learned by example and with that being ingrained in me, and having friends that shared the same value system, we got together, formed this foundation.”

Last year, the foundation even partnered with Fyzabad MP Dr Lackram Bodoe and made donations to primary and secondary schools in the area.

“Last year donations were made by both private and corporate citizens and it allowed us to do a very handsome distribution. So again this year, we are repeating the same efforts.”

She said donations for this drive have been trickling in, but the appreciation was shown to those who were able to give financially or give material supplies.

Ramdeen-Jagarsar said anyone willing to donate to the Singh family or to the foundation can do so by calling, or sending a WhatsApp message to 717-6762.