Former ministers call for salary cuts from the top


Lead­ers at all lev­els of Trinidad and To­ba­go’s (T&T’s) so­ci­ety, in­clud­ing PNM Min­is­ters, UNC MPs and com­pa­ny CEOS should take vol­un­tary pay cuts and they should do so in the chal­leng­ing eco­nom­ic times to show they’re shar­ing the pub­lic’s bur­den, says for­mer UNC min­is­ter Vas­ant Bharath.
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Education Ministry denies south students being left behind

The Min­istry of Ed­u­ca­tion (MOE) has de­nied re­ports of chal­lenges re­lat­ing to cur­ricu­lum de­liv­ery at sev­er­al schools in south Trinidad.