Fisherman drowns in Moruga


THE body of a Moruga fisherman who drowned after falling out of a pirogue on Friday, was recovered yesterday. Nigel Bobby Premchand, 30, of La Ruffin, Moruga went out to sea on Friday, with two other fishermen. Around 3 pm, the men were returning to shore when Premchand fell out of the boat.

The boat’s captain turned the boat around and tried to help Premchand back into the boat without success. Premchand’s cousin, Rhona Tahaloo said neighbours and other fishermen went out to sea on Saturday and yesterday looking for Premchand’s body until it was found around 11.30 am yesterday.

She said Premchand was not married and had no children. She said he had been raised by her mother, Shanti Tahaloo since he was two. She said her family is still reeling from the death of her sister in December and are struggling to cope with Premchand’s death.

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