Family of Tobago man killed in accident still in shock

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Darren Samuel was killed on Sunday in an accident. –

The family of Darren Samuel, 40, who was killed when he was struck by a van on Sunday, is still trying to come to terms with his death. Samuel, a landscaper of Yorke Trace in Patience Hill, died early Sunday morning, when he was hit by a vehicle along Milford Road, Bon Accord, in the vicinity of the Bon Accord Government Primary School.

Police said that around 1.30am, the driver was heading east when he hit Samuel.

However, police said the driver believed he had dropped into a pothole. He eventually stopped and observed the vehicle was damaged. He was later informed that he struck someone.

District Medical Officer Dr Campbell pronounced Samuel dead at the scene and ordered the body’s removal to the Scarborough mortuary.

Nikeisha Samuel, sister of the deceased, said she was asleep when someone came to inform her of the incident.

“Within the sleep, I kept on hearing this horn blowing. I didn’t pay any attention to it because I thought they had come to my brother outside, because people does blow horn for him. I didn’t get up, but then I kept on hearing the horn blowing so I jumped up. The blowing was furious, as if the person was trying to ketch someone’s attention.”

She said when she came out, the person in the vehicle asked her about her relation to Samuel.

“She said he get bounce down, I said okay – without even thinking that he is dead, I was thinking that he was in the hospital. I said okay, and that is when she told me he is dead. I was a bit shocked because I really wasn’t expecting it.”

She said she last saw her brother on Saturday night when he was out liming with his friends.

“The news hit different – I was shocked, mad, emotional. He lives close to me in his little house, so I saw him that night. We didn’t have any conversation. He was drinking and liming.”

She said her brother and a friend were walking home when the latter stopped to urinate.

“By the time he was finished, he said he did not see my brother. He said he looked around and he saw some people nearby and a body on the road, that is when he went and roll over the person and he saw it was my brother.”

She said that Samuel was her second brother to have died.

She added: “It’s really tough for me because I already have my own situation – money problems – and the things that you have to go through to get this money to bury him….So once again, I have to do some running up and down, but I have some help by my side, but it is still tough.”

She described her brother as an affectionate person.

“He was very, very loving and respectable. He had some issues in the earlies but after a while he came and changed that, because he had gone through an emotional period. He used to misbehave but after a while, he started to change around his life and he became one of the nicest person you could ever think of. He was a fella, he spoke plain – he didn’t gargle water in his mouth to say anything.”

She said she is awaiting the autopsy.

Police said investigations are ongoing.