Family of burnt homeless man want help finding him


After weeks of searching streets, hospitals and homeless shelters, the relatives and friends of mentally ill street dweller Michael Scott want the public to help find him.

He needs to be treated for burns.

Fearing the worst, Scott’s sister Mary Ann Scott, 72, and family friend Johnny James visited the Forensic Science Centre, St James, on Wednesday to do their own investigation, asking if the centre had received the bodies of any men matching Scott’s description.

Speaking with Newsday, James said the family was concerned for his safety after a video was circulated on WhatsApp of a homeless man who appeared to be Scott, suffering from extensive burns across his chest, stomach and arms, lying on the ground near the Carib brewery in Champs Fleurs.

James also said Scott has been living on the street for the past 12 years and despite repeated attempts by relatives to bring him home, he insists on living on the streets.

“He has one brother who lives in the US. Once a year he comes to Trinidad and we go out looking for him to bring him clothes and try to convince him to come home, but it never works.

“About three weeks ago his niece got a video of him with burns all across his upper body. We were very afraid for him after seeing that, and began searching for him all over.

“I later found out that a group of men doused him in some liquid and set him on fire. It wasn’t a good thing to do, even though he is homeless he didn’t deserve anything like that.”

Mary Ann Scott said she was concerned for her brother’s safety and was hopeful he was alive.

“He was at a home a few years ago, but he left and has been living on the street since. I want to know where he is and I hope he is alive.”

Scott is about five foot five inches tall, with dark brown complexion and dreadlocks.

Anyone who knows where he might be is asked to contact the police, through the 999 hotline or Johnny James at 752-1135.

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