Facebook thief to be charged with five offences

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

A 22-year-old Barataria man who lured his victims through items on sale on Facebook was identified by five victims and will be charged with larceny by trick and robbery with aggravation.

The man, police said, will be charged with four offences of larceny by trick. He advertised tools and electronics for sale and took the money from his victims and ran away after collecting the money. He tricked four people out of $3,000, $5500, $3,700 and $9,000.

He is charged with one count of robbery with aggravation for robbing one person at gunpoint of an iPhone worth $4,000.

The offences took place between May and August.

He was arrested during a sting operation by officers of the San Juan and Morvant CID.

Police reported between 3.45 pm and 6 pm on August 20, officers pretended to be customers and met with the man. Police said in keeping with his modus operandi, the man told them he was going to collect his receipt book not far away. He was arrested shortly after.

Police said the man attracted customers from all over the country, and when he met them would issue receipts before telling them to accompany him nearby for the items. He would then run off with their money.