F-Brexit Says Reggae’s Shaggy


By NAN ET Editor

 News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. July 6, 2018: Grammy-winning, Jamaican reggae singer, Shaggy, who is celebrating renewed fame for his duet with Sting, has gone on a rant against Brexit, much to the amusement of the former Police front-man.

The Jamaican musician said: “It is stupid. England was built not just by Englishmen. The other day, there were Jamaicans coming in to help build it after the war. There is France, Germany. Different people from different countries.  They are called immigrants, we are from everywhere. I am an immigrant. …. F*** Brexit.”

Sting for his part described Shaggy’s furious rant against Brexit as “the most coherent argument I’ve heard on Brexit.”

“It is totally insane. Why are we leaving the European Union? It is to our advantage and leaving it is to our disadvantage,” he added. “There is no reason, it is complete madness. My country has gone mad.”

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