EU donates €450,000 to Grenada, St Vincent

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

A screenshot from a video posted by Grenada Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell showing the destruction on Carriacou on July 2 after Hurricane Beryl made landfall on July 1.
– From Dickon Mitchell’s Facebook

THE European Union (EU) has donated €450,000 in relief aid to St Vincent and Grenada after they were ravaged by Hurricane Beryl.

Some of St Vincent’s Grenadine islands and Carriacou, Grenada, bore the brunt of Berryl’s effects, according to the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA).

After an aerial reconnaissance mission on July 2 to assess the damage, CDEMA said in St Vincent’s Canouan island, 100 per cent of the population, estimated at 12,600 people, were affected by the hurricane, with 90 per cent of the houses either extensively damaged or destroyed.

Carriacou, home to approximately 6,081 people, experienced extensive damage to homes and buildings, according to initial reports. The majority of affected individuals are currently sheltering in temporary arrangements on the island, CDEMA said.

In a Facebook post on July 3, commissioner for crisis management Janez Lenarčič said, “The EU stands ready to help other populations that might be affected in the next hours.

“All our response instruments, humanitarian aid and civil protection, will be mobilised if necessary.”