Encores for Chalkdust as Kalypso Revue opens in Arima

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Sugar Aloes during his performance the opening of Kalypso Revue, Arima Velodrome on Friday. Photo by Angelo Marcelle

Kalypso Revue Tent opened its doors on Friday night at the Arima Velodrome.

The annual event is a staple in the Arima calendar of events and usually signals the start of Carnival festivities in the borough.

The Revue orchestra struck their first note just after the 8 pm scheduled start with MC Marcus Baptiste introducing the acts.

Revue has prided itself on being known as a tent of calypso monarchs and they didn’t disappoint.

Nine-time calypso monarch Hollis “Chalkdust” Liverpool, proved once again why he reigns supreme.

Chalkdust during his performance at Kalypso Revue, Arima Velodrome on Friday. – Angelo Marcelle

As the singer made his way on stage, he was received with applause from the semi-filled seating areas.

In his second selection, Trend, Chalkie, as he is fondly known sang,

“….and on the TV and radio Man calling in from all Mayaro To cuss Rowley goat pen in Tobago Everybody have a new trend lately

Cussing, cussing the PNM …Is only kaisonian like Skatie and dem Who not cussing, cussing the PNM”

Skatie during his performance at opening night at Kalypso Revue, Arima Velodrome on Friday. – Angelo Marcelle

For this composition, he received several encores.

Mahalia Regis sang from the perspective of a crime lord’s wife and how she really lives.

Mahalia Regis sends a warning to women at the opening of Kalypso Revue, Arima Velodrome on Friday. – Angelo Marcelle

She sang, “Since she was 16 and her belly was swell. What seems to be green turns out to be hell. Always with a card looking for a lawyer. Life may seem sweeter but it is a shortcut to meet the grim reaper.” An encore followed her performance.

As the tent, found by calypso icon, the late Aldwyn “Lord Kitchener” Roberts, celebrates its diamond jubilee, many of the calypsoes focussed on the unmanageable levels of illegal and or violent behaviour in the country.

Tent manager Michael “Sugar Aloes” Osouna sang a prayerful ditty begging God for mercy. In the middle of the song he prayed while the Revue Angels held the melody.

Michelle Henry sang The Piece Surveyor while Alana Sinnette, aka Lady Watchman, reminded that bullets have no eyes and can travel more than 200 metres.

Nicole Greaves and Lisa Roberts also had similar messages.

Former National Women’s Action Committee (NWAC) Calypso Queen Sasha-Ann Moses, Terrence “Maze” Rivas, Gary “M’ba” Thomasos, Sonya Francis, Carlos “Skatie” James and Jadee Sellier were also on the cast. The lone humorous ditty came from The Original.

Sasha-Ann Moses pays tribute to late calypsonians during opening night at Kalypso Revue, Arima Velodrome on Friday. – Angelo Marcelle

The Revue will be at the Southern Academy for the Performing Arts (SAPA) on Sunday, before moving to SWWTU Hall on Wrightson Road, Port of Spain, which is its home base. Kalypso Revue will clash with Kaiso Showcase and Kaiso House on February 13 at the Queen’s Park Savannah. Revue, however, opens its doors at SWWTU on February 1 and 2 with a ladies’ night.

Patrons react to the music on stage during the opening night at Arima Velodrome on Friday. – Angelo Marcelle