EMATT partners with US think-tank on climate change

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

EMATT founder and VP Stacey Ann Pi Osoria –

THE Emergency Management Association of TT (EMATT) has partnered with the energy transition and climate programme at the Inter-American Dialogue, aimed at advancing climate justice and sustainability efforts in the Caribbean.

The two entities will host a meeting on Thursday, to highlight the importance of TT in the initiative.

Included in the meeting will be the Citizen Advisory Group (CAG), composed of 15 diverse civil society leaders from the Caribbean.

The meeting will provide the PACC 2030, a flagship initiative of the Biden-Harris Administration, which seeks to promote climate adaptation, resilience, and clean energy solutions throughout the Caribbean region, with feedback which will be pivotal in the implementation of a US-Caribbean partnership to address climate change.

The energy transition and climate programme is an affairs think-tank, based in Washington DC, which focuses on current issues in the western hemisphere.

Stacey Ann Pi Osoria, founder and VP of EMATT said the partnership will provide a great opportunity.

“EMATT has always been committed to safeguarding the well-being of our nation and region. By collaborating with the Inter-American Dialogue and joining the CAG, we are taking significant steps towards fostering a more sustainable and resilient future for our communities,” Pi Osoria said.

The CAG, through the support of the Inter-American Dialogue, aims to bridge the gaps in PACC 2030’s implementation by ensuring meaningful engagement with historically marginalised groups, including women, youth, subsistence farmers, small business owners, and Indigenous peoples.

Additionally, the group will incorporate local wisdom and practices to enrich policy implementation, ensuring a sustainable vision with local buy-in and durability.

The partnership between EMATT and the Inter-American Dialogue underscores the critical importance of a collective and inclusive approach to addressing climate change and advancing climate justice in the Caribbean.