Education official: Buccoo Primary not to blame for student not graduating

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

File photo courtesy Pixabay

AN education official has confirmed reports on social media that a 12-year-old SEA student of the Buccoo Government Primary School will not graduate with his other classmates on June 18.

The official said he heard about the issue but noted the school was not to blame.

“The school, in their good conscience, would not just single out a student and debar him. Some people love challenging protocol,” he told Newsday via WhatsApp on June 18.

The official added, “From both sides, it was said that the parent was not interested in the graduation, and eventually changed her mind. No consideration to the efforts of the school and where they are in preparation, but her child is ‘debarred.’

“One indecisive parent and an eager media casting darkness on the efforts of the school.”