Education Ministry happy about CAPE, CSEC performance

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

THE Education Ministry was happy over the improvement in performances by students who sat this year’s Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) and Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations.

In a statement on Monday, the ministry said 7, 597 candidates (2,989 boys and 4 608 girls) were registered for CAPE Unit One and Unit Two examinations this year, for 33 Unit One and 30 Unit Two subjects.

“In 2022, 94.3 per cent (28,431) of written CAPE subject entries achieved acceptable passes-e. Grades one-five compared to 93.93 per cent (30, 926) in 2021.”

With respect to CSEC, the ministry said 20,456 students (11,412 girls and 9,044 boys) were examined in 34 subjects this year.

“Passing grades (Grades one, two and three) were obtained in 62.72 per cent (67, 845) of the subject entries compared with 65.26 per cent (68, 322) in 2021.”

The ministry said this year, 7, 148 of the students writing five or more CSEC subjects were successful in five or more subjects, compared to 54.1 per cent (7, 487) in 2021.

“Further, 43.66 per cent (5, 789) of the students who attempted five or more subjects inclusive of Mathematics and English A (Language) were successful.”

Last year, this figure was 46.5 per cent (6, 333 students).

The ministry congratulated all CXC students who sat this year’s CAPE and CSEC exams.