Duke slams PDP-led THA for not helping Roxborough group in New York

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Screenshot from a video Deputy Chief Secretary Watson Duke published on his Facebook page requesting aid for 27 Tobagonians from the Roxborough folk group who are currently in Brooklyn.

Deputy Chief Secretary Watson Duke has slammed the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP)-led THA administration for not providing funding for members of the Roxborough Folk Performers who were due to perform at several cultural events in New York, US.

As a result, he claimed the members of the group are stranded and hungry.

Duke is the PDP’s political leader and assemblyman for the Roxborough/Argyle electoral district.

In a video on his Facebook page on Wednesday, Duke said, “I have come here to the aid of some 27 Tobagonians from Roxborough folk group that came to Brooklyn with the aid of the THA to perform and to represent Tobago and our culture.”

Duke claimed that apart from airline tickets, the THA did not provide the group with additional funds for expenses in New York..

“Beyond the ticket when they land they were treated as thieves, as slaves, as castaways. There were no transportation to rally them and take them from the airport to a chosen specific destination. They came on the streets of New York, trying to finds a place to sleep, tired, weary, feeling emasculated and mentally broke.”

He claimed they stayed in a basement for several days “with dead rats, hungry and forgotten by the THA.

“I say forgotten because (although) calls were made to the base, the THA, stating things not so all right, what can be done? Nothing has been done.”

Duke said a Tobagonian living in New York help the group with temporary accommodation at a hotel.

He demanded that the THA send money for them for food and shelter.