Digicel, Port of Spain corporation refurbish Mandela exercise/play park

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Nelson Mandela Park in Port of Spain. – Photo by Marvin Hamilton

Digicel and the Port of Spain Corporation are making sure that the people of Port of Spain will be able to enjoy the most popular park in town as soon as public health officials lift restrictions.

They did so with the launch of the newly refurbished exercise and play area at Nelson Mandela Park, St Clair on Thursday

Thanking Digicel for its continued relationship with the corporation, mayor Joel Martinez said Digicel donated $130,000 for the refurbishment and to instal two merry-go-rounds and a swing.

“The first investment,” he recalled, “was of $1 million, which was how all the equipment came to us in 2014. A lot of these equipment are very strong. They are good-quality equipment and that was the purpose of investing in it. There may have been some wear and tear, but we were able to refurbish them quickly. It is to put us in ready mode for when parks open.”

Digicel’s Trinidad chairman Sacha Thompson said it was important for people to be outdoors in the fresh air. She said Digicel was proud to be part of the refurbishment of the park.

“Play and fitness is important to the well-being of the entire community. I also think every corporation has a responsibility to the community and we take that very seriously. Wherever we operate it is important that we support development.”

Global chairperson Maria Mulcahy said it would be a good thing for people be outside once again. She said at her home in Ireland, after closures and re-openings, people rushed to parks, gyms and recreational areas.

“Actually covid19 has introduced us to exercise, because before, we were not as healthy as we could have been. Exercise and being outdoors is also very important for mental health, and that has become one of the biggest issues coming out of the pandemic and how people have suffered from these effects,” she said.