Digicel lends helping hand to preschool

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

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Officials from the Digicel Retention Team partnered with a preschool in Edinburgh 500 to enhance its outdoor play area during the Christmas holidays.

“We know that having an outdoor space to play and learn has a positive impact on the holistic development of early learners, so this was our special Christmas gift to the school community,” Stephanie Joseph said in a press release.

Joseph, along with her colleagues Shermelle King, Alyssa Awai and Tia Isaac received $10,000 through the Digicel Foundation’s Digi Christmas is D Bess staff initiative which they used to develop the new play area at Eden Academy Preschool.

The school children were treated with toys, party bags and a fun filled day with a bouncy castle and games at the playground unveiling on December 22.

In addition to play park equipment, the Digicel team also donated a plant grow box to the school to introduce the children to growing their own food.

The children started things off right away by planting celery and chive.

Digicel Foundation Board Director Pamela Sankar was there along with the Digicel team to hand over the upgraded space to the school and the children, who are more excited than ever to return to school in January 2024.

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