Diego Martin vendor gunned down

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

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Police are probing the murder of a 34-year-old Diego Martin man who was shot dead near his home early on Monday morning.

Police said they received a report of a shooting on Unity Road, Rich Plain, at around 12.45 am and visited the area where they found Raedon Warner bleeding at the side of the road.

A district medical officer visited the scene and declared Warner dead.

Crime scene investigators also visited the scene and found 17 spent 5.56 shells and ten spent 9 mm shells, six of which had markings from the regiment.

Newsday visited Warner’s home on Monday and spoke with his mother Diane Reid, who said she was not sure why her son was killed.

She said his murder has left her shaken and knew him to be a good person who cared for his one-year-old daughter.

She said Warner supported himself by selling drinks.

“He was a good person, he never troubled anybody or anything like this.

“I’m just sad they killing people over simple things.”

Reid said the community was usually quiet.

Police from the Homicide Bureau of Investigations Region I are continuing enquiries.