Deyalsingh: Maternal, infant mortality rates reduced under PNM



HEALTH Minister and St Joseph candidate Terrence Deyalsingh said one of the most significant achievements of the PNM government since being in office has been the reduction of maternal and infant mortality rates.

Speaking at the PNM’s virtual campaign meeting on Tuesday night, Deyalsingh said before 2015, there was an estimated 15 infant deaths per thousand.

He said thanks to improved workflow at public health facilities, infant mortality rates have been reduced by 50 per cent, achieving sustainable development goals set out by the World Health Organization ahead of time.

“We hit our targets by 2018, 12 years early. It means that every year between six to ten women are now alive because they are not dying in the hospital giving birth

“It means 100 children per year are now alive because neonatal mortal rates from 15 per 1,000 to seven per 1,000 we cut it by 50 per cent.”

He said while these achievements were noteworthy, it was the responsibility of expectant mothers to come in for testing early to treat signs of hypertension and diabetes that can be potentially fatal for mother and baby.

Deyalsingh also asserted that government has also taken a proactive approach in cutting down on non-communicable and lifestyle diseases by banning the sale of soft drinks at schools, resulting in a 20 per cent reduction in the sale of sugary drinks.

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