Dennis: THA employees need training to improve efficiency

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Chief Secretary Ancil Dennis – Office of Chief Secretary

Chief Secretary Ancil Dennis has admitted there is no proper system in place within the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) to train young people entering the public service.

He was speaking on Wednesday at the launch of the training and development centre at the Shaw Park Cultural Complex.

The centre, which is to be housed in the complex, seeks to develop the skills of public servants to create greater efficiency within the sector.

“We must ensure in the Tobago House of Assembly, especially with regard to the new people coming into the system…new people coming off the streets, or fresh out of school, whether it be university or secondary school, coming into this new environment, we must ensure they receive the necessary orientation of what the public service is about,” Dennis said.

He added they must also be taught about the importance of the public service and its rules and responsibilities to Tobagonians and the national economy.

“It is important for us to place tremendous emphasis on that.”

Dennis said if young people coming into the system are equipped with the necessary skills, many of the inefficiencies in the public service would no longer exist.

“If we are able to do that and do it effectively then we can solve a lot of the problems that exist today in the Tobago space, in the public service. We can have a situation where politicians like myself will receive less cuss when the auditor general’s report is released.

“If we do this and we do it properly we can have a situation where our public servants would be a lot more confident and a lot more committed to the task of the public service. If we do this and we do it well, we can have a situation where even our administrators will be more confident in their abilities to lead and manage their divisions in the best interest of all Tobagonians.”