Daughter of murdered Diego Martin woman: She didn’t deserve to die like this

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Marva Sutherland. –

The daughter of a murdered Diego Martin woman had to be consoled by relatives after viewing her mother’s body at the scene of her death on Thursday morning.

Police said Marva Sutherland, 56, of Andrew Drive, Blue Basin, Diego Martin, was found at her apartment at around 9 am.

Sources said Sutherland’s son found her body on the floor of the bedroom. Her face was covered with a cloth.

Sutherland is the fourth woman to be murdered in four days.

Newsday visited and spoke with Sutherland’s daughter, Simone Sutherland, who said she was still awaiting more details from investigators on what exactly happened.

Sutherland said her mother lived in a rented apartment she rented and recalled her mother complaining about two days ago about the behaviour of a man she knew.

“She complained to my brother, Andell. She told him that the man was tripping off about two days ago. She said the man was complaining that the people he was working for apparently put obeah on him or something. But I don’t know exactly what it is happened…but I need them (the police) to investigate and let us know what happened to us.

“She didn’t deserve to die like this.”

Sutherland said her mother lost one of her legs to diabetes and had a prosthetic leg.

She added that Sutherland was the grandmother of 21 children, some of whom lived in the US with their parents, and they had been expected to meet her in person later this year when they visited the country.

After seeing the body Sutherland wept loudly. Investigators said the elder Sutherland’s face appeared to be swollen, with severe damage to one side of her head.

Police are unclear how exactly thr injuries were caused.

Police from the Homicide Bureau of Investigations Region I are continuing enquiries.

Four women murdered in four days

On Monday Stephanie Calbio, 34, was stabbed during a fight with another woman at Carenage.

The following day, 31-year-old Abeo Cudjoe was chopped and stabbed at her home at Lachoos Road, Penal by a man who also stabbed her 12-year-old son Levi Lewis. Cudjoe died on the spot, and Lewis died at hospital. A person of interest surrendered himself to police and is being questioned.

On Wednesday, 24-year-old Krishana Mohammed was chopped to death at her La Brea Village, Guayaguayare home, allegedly by a man with whom she had a close relationship.