Cuba Minister Wants Obama To Recognize U.N. Appeal To End Embargo


CaribWorldNews, UNITED NATIONS, NY, Tues. Sept. 29, 2009: Cuba used its address to the United Nations on Monday to urge the Barack Obama government to recognize the General Assembly`s overwhelming appeal to end the US` blockade against the island.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, said while the change of government in Washington had been met with `profound optimism,` the reality is that `Washington`s real capacity to get over ideological trends that threatened the world under the previous administration was uncertain.`

Parrilla claimed that `the neoconservative forces that promoted the use of force and domination still held the reins of influence.`  He questioned why the detention centre in Guantanamo, which he said had usurped Cuban territory, had not been shut down so far; why occupation troops in Iraq had not been withdrawn and why the war in Afghanistan is expanding.

The minister also called on United States President, Barack Obama, to allow American citizens to travel to Cuba and to allow Cuba to buy products containing more than 10 per cent of American components or technology anywhere, regardless of trademark.

Parrilla also urged for a lifting of the ban preventing third-party vessels from entering United States ports until 180 days after touching any Cuban port.  And he said the United States Treasury could stop freezing and confiscating third-country transfers.

The minister also said Cuba is making its own efforts to meet the U.S. halfway, including cooperating in the fight against drug trafficking, terrorism and human smuggling, and holding `fruitful` talks on migration and the resumption of direct postal services with the United States. 
In closing, he reiterated Cuba`s appreciation for the Assembly`s `solidarity in its struggle against aggression and the blockade.`

The United States Embargo against Cuba is a commercial, economic, and financial embargo partially imposed on Cuba in October of 1960 and strengthened to a near-total embargo in February of 1962. Yet despite the embargo, the United States is the fifth largest exporter to Cuba, with 6.6 percent of Cuba`s imports being from the U.S. President Obama this year has ordered some changed in Cuba/U.S. policy but re-signed the embargo recently against the Castro regime.


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