Crime briefs

File photo.

Unidentified man shot dead

Police are still trying to establish the identity of a man, known only as Leon, who was shot dead in Santa Rosa on Saturday.

They said at around 7.10 pm they responded to a report of gunshots. When they arrived, they were told that he was getting his hair combed at a house in Demarara, Santa Rosa when two masked men entered and shot him several times before escaping.

Police found the man’s body in a room in the house.

He was of African descent, medium build, and five foot 11 inches tall with a dark complexion.

Skull found in Cumuto

Police are investigating the discovery of a human skull found by a caretaker on a lot of land on Cumuto Main Road.

At around 10.30 am on Saturday, a Petit Valley man who looks after two lots of land on Cumuto Main Road, Coryal, told police about the find.

Officers led by acting Supt Powder, Insp Beepot and officers from the Cumuto police station visited the scene with DMO Lutchmedial, who confirmed the remains were human.

The area was processed by crime scene investigators and the skull was removed.

Police find weapons, drugs

Police said they found marijuana after a shootout in Valsayn, and officers in Laventille found two guns after chasing a group of suspects.

In Valsayn, police officers were on mobile patrol near NUGFW Circular, Valsayn, when they saw five men standing at the back of a Hyundai Elantra car holding something in a brown wrapping.

The men went into a nearby house but  police followed them and and ordered them to surrender. The men ran off.

Two officers chased them and another stayed back.

The officer who stayed back allegedly saw one of the suspects pull out a gun and point it in his direction. The policeman shot at the man, who ran and jumped over a nearby wall.

The car and another vehicle were searched and police found a total of 28 packets of marijuana weighing an estimated 15.88 kg.

Two men were later detained.

In Laventille, police were on an anti-crime exercise when they went to Mt Hope Road, where they saw several men who ran off in different directions. One of them threw something into some bushes. Police found an extended Glock magazine with 16 rounds of .9mm ammunition.

Police then went to Noriega Lane, Laventille Road where they found a black plastic bag in a blue barrel, which had a silver gun and a magazine with three rounds of .9mm ammunition.

Toco man charged with firearm possession

A 22-year-old Sans Souci, Toco man was charged with possession of ammunition and breach of curfew on Saturday.

The man has been identified as Tamaya Denoon of St John Estate, San Souci, Toco.

Police said officers of the Matelot police station were on patrol at around 1.50 am on Saturday, when they saw a man walking along Paria Main Road, San Souci with a bag on his back.

Police searched him and found 13 rounds of 12-gauge ammunition.

He was arrested and charged.

He is expected to appear before a Sangre Grande magistrate on Monday.