Court: Fyzabad man not guilty of receiving stolen goods

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

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A FYZABAD man who was accused of receiving a stolen air rifle in 2011 was found not guilty by a San Fernando jury on Tuesday.

Elton Jimdar was before Justice Mauricia Joseph charged with receiving stolen property. It was alleged that he purchased an air rifle for $2,500 which he knew to be stolen.

It was the State’s case that on December 16, 2011, just before midnight, Krishendath Lutchman and his family went to a function at Paria Suites.

When they returned, they were robbed by four men. After an inventory was taken, it was discovered one of the stolen items was Lutchman’s 350 Magnum air rifle.

Jimdar was found with the air rifle one week later by police who searched his home.

He told them he bought the air rifle from an acquaintance.

At the trial, prosecutors argued that it could be inferred that Jimdar knew the weapon was stolen when he received it.

Lutchman, his wife and two police officers testified at the trial.

In his defence, Jimdar’s attorneys argued that the jury could not be sure that the air rifle he had in his possession was, in fact, the one stolen from Lutchman nor could the circumstances under which he received it, prove he knew it was stolen.

Public defenders Darryl Douglas and Aixa Edwards called analyst Paul Browne, of the Forensic Science Centre, to give expert evidence on certain markings on the air rifle. He was questioned about a number on the rifle which, he testified, was not unique but was used to describe the calibre of the weapon.

In her directions to the jury, Joseph said for them to find the accused guilty, they had to be sure that Jimdar was in possession of the stolen air rifle and when he bought it, he knew it was stolen.

The prosecution was represented by Brandon Sookoo and Chenelle Moe.