Cops can question scrap dealers on stolen fittings, manhole covers

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

ASP Sheridon Hill –

Scrap-metal dealers who buy stolen items can be called to account by police if they are found with the items.

Speaking with Newsday on Monday, police public information officer ASP Sheridon Hill said officers in various divisions are aware of the theft of telecommunications cables, manhole covers and pipe fittings, and will be monitoring their own districts for any similar reports.

He said in addition to the ongoing enquiries, police on patrol will also be on the lookout for any scrap-metal thieves.

He said bandits who were caught in the act and scrap-metal dealers found with stolen items could be questioned about how they got the items.

“Once you are in possession of an item that is stolen, you will be interviewed and information will be obtained.

“It’s possible the person who came into possession of the stolen item may not be the same one who committed the theft, but once you are in possession of that item, you have to give an account of how you lawfully got it. This applies to all offences.

“So those people will have to give their account, once an officer has reasonable grounds to suspect the items are stolen.”

Hill said the police would do their part to clamp down on the thefts of items, and the public also had a responsibility to report any thefts and provide information.

“We can’t be out there all the time. We don’t have CCTV cameras in every place. So we rely on the good citizens to assist in that regard.”

Last June members of the Port of Spain City Police visited a scrapyard in George Street, Port of Spain, where they found and seized several stolen manhole covers.

They also found several crocus bags filled with copper wire believed to be stolen from TSTT cable lines.