CoP: Police must respect all religions

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Acting Commissioner of Police McDonald Jacob. FILE PHOTO

Acting Commissioner of Police Jacob McDonald has said police must respect all religious groups in the country in response to allegations of officers desecrating a Muslim tent in Diego Martin.

McDonald’s comments were made in a media release after a Facebook post bashing the police for unprofessionalism during a search of a mosque in Rich Plain on Friday.

Police were searching for a suspect in connection with the shooting death of PC Clarence Gilkes in the area last Friday.

The poster complained that Muslims were treated in an unjustified way, and worse, during the holy month of Ramadan and on the day of Juma.

The post claimed police overturned pots, knocked down copies of the Qu’ran and tracked dirt across the prayer ground. The poster said police also insulted the Muslims who were present during the search.

“No one has been reported or disciplined for this,” the poster complained comparing the reaction to the desecretion of the mosque to the quick police response after the St Francis RC Church in Belmont was vandalised on Saturday.

In response, McDonald said, “The TTPS respects all religious groups in TT.

The release said the commissioner “takes these allegations very seriously, as officers must respect all religious groups as they conduct their duties.

“If persons are aggrieved because of the alleged incident, they should report the matter and an investigation will be launched into the alleged incident.”