CoP: Covid19 rules should be flexible during election


COMMISSIONER OF POLICE Gary Griffith has said some flexibility is needed when enforcing rules to contain covid19 during elections.

He made the statement after some supporters of candidates were seen disregarding social distancing rules on nomination day on Friday.

“My officers have been thoroughly briefed, but there needs to be a degree of flexibility when enforcing these rules, especially when it is smack in the middle of elections,” Griffith said. “For example, if we see 28 people in a walkabout, which three people are we supposed to pull out of the walk? Or should we shut down the whole walk?”

People are not supposed to gater in groups of more than 25 under the present rules.

He said police were told to limit deliberate breaching of the rules.

He added that some responsibility is needed on the part of candidates and supporters. Candidates should notify the police of any walkabouts so they can be told about the regulations and restrictions on groups.

Griffith said for the most part the regulations and their enforcement have been effective, and people are following the rules.

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