Content creator warns: Don’t share ‘defamatory’ videos about me

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

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A LOCAL content creator has initiated legal action against a woman for alleged defamatory statements made in videos shared on social media.

Attorney Bhimal Maharajh sent a pre-action protocol letter to the alleged poster of the videos.

Maharajh represents Natasha Laggan, a content creator best known for her YouTube channel Trini Cooking With Natasha.

Laggan has complained about a series of TikTok videos posted since June 28, which referred to her by name and made certain allegations.

Maharajh said the poster provided no proof or basis for the allegations. He also added that there were over 100 fake profiles of Laggan.

Maharajh said the videos have affected Laggan’s business, saying she had over a million viewers and an equal number of subscribers, and is a respected food influencer in the Caribbean.

Maharajh called on the poster to immediately cease and desist from making further comments about his client.

In a public statement, he warned the public against sharing the offending videos.

“The said video has caused Ms Laggan much emotional distress and action shall be taken against the maker of the video.

“Members of the public are put on notice that since the said video is defamatory in nature, they are requested to refrain from sharing the said videos.”

This included sharing them on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, X (formerly Twitter) or any other social media platform.

He warned: “Please be informed that anyone who shares or disseminates a defamatory video can him/herself be liable for defamation and be made to pay damages for same.”