Coast Guard to be asked for patrol report to assist with Paria CoE

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Jerome Lynch, KC –

CHAIRMAN of the Commission of Enquiry (CoE) into the February 25 Paria diving tragedy, Jerome Lynch, KC, will be requesting a patrol report from the Coast Guard to assist with its investigation.

He announced this on Monday as the enquiry resumed at Tower D of the Port of Spain International Waterfront Centre.

When leading seaman Andre Leidgewood was testifying, he kept referring to a “patrol report,” saying he could not remember some specifics of the day, but that the information could be found there.

Lynch said he was “a little disturbed to find out there (is) some log somewhere which might help us all understand what was happening contemporaneously.”

Leidgewood said every time Coast Guard members go to sea, they must write up a patrol report afterwards.

Lynch said that information did not surprise him, but what did, was that the CoE had been asking the Coast Guard “for information about their involvement in this matter, particularly given the nature of some of the allegations being made at this enquiry and before for material in relation to it.

“What did we get from the Coast Guard? The statement of Lieutenant Edric Hargreaves who is apparently retired.”

He told Leidgewood he was not blaming him but rather, explaining.

“We’ve had to issue summonses for people to attend – you included.”

Asked if he was told he had to provide a statement, he said no.

Lynch said this was disappointing and asked, “Are we serious about trying to find out what happened?”

Lynch said he will write a letter to the Coast Guard asking for “all of the logs that are relevant for that day.”