Chrisean Rock Shows Injuries After Fight With Blueface, Claims She Was Drunk

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Chrisean Rock says she is attempting to get away from Blueface, but the rapper punched her in the face after she allegedly texted another man.

In an Instagram video on Sunday morning, Chrisean revealed her bloodiest face, with her lips and nose bleeding and her eyes swollen and black from a punch she said Blueface inflicted on her. In a video shared on Instagram, Blueface can be heard arguing with Chrisean in the background. “Don’t nobody care,” he says to her.

Chrisean then showed her lips and nose, and eye swollen and bloodied as she accused the “Thotiana” rapper of putting his hands on her.

“You punched me in my mouth, punched me in my eye, you’s a b**ch….I want to get away from you. Let me get away from you,” she says.

She continued, “Don’t pull me close so you can hit me in my mouth…you on some weird sh*t. You bust my lip and gave me a black eye. Get out of my face, bro.”

Chrisean also dropped a bombshell as she said that she was at an event performing when Blueface turned up to collect her booking money.


“You came to my booking, to pick up my money, to disrespect me,” she says.

Chrisean then goes on to say that she was trying to get out of the car with Blue when he attacked her.

The Bad Girls Club reality star also shared in the live video that she felt unsafe around Blueface, so she went live.

“I went live so you could stop putting your hands on me, b*tch. You’re too comfortable. You slipped up.”

In another part of the Live where she is arguing with Blueface in the background, she reveals that Blueface’s violent reaction was over her allegedly talking to another man.

“Over some sh*t that you seen on my Instagram. Well b*tch, nobody told you to come to my booking to collect MY money… I’m not covering up for you no more, bro. I take ass whoopings all the time, because of my n****a,” she said.

This is not the first time that Chrisean and Blueface have been fighting or arguing. Just last month, the couple had another public altercation, with Chrisean giving Blueface a black eye, but they later made up. Back in August, there was also a video of the two of them publicly brawling.

In recent weeks, Chrisean announced that she had broken up with Blueface after he was spotted in bed with another woman. Videos of Blueface laying in bed with the other woman has gone viral along with Chrisean’s live where she shared that she was angry at the woman whom she described as a “Groupie”.

Despite noting that she was done with Blueface, Chrisean later shared messages weeks ago hinting that she and the rapper were back together, and she has even offered her reasons for forgiving him. She also debuted a new large tattoo of Blueface that she got earlier this month in addition to the one on her neck.

The rocky relationship between Chrisean and Blueface continues to shock and puzzle fans, some of whom reacted to her sharing that the rapper collects her money.

“Go file a D.V report!! not a video!! It’s teenagers that follow y’all it’s not cute to showcase this and the next min you laughing and getting him tattooed.. domestic violence is real and some people don’t make it out smh,” one person said to her.

“Thanks for putting it back. What stuck out to me is he’s showing up to HER bookings and taking HER money! We wonder why she ain’t left him, he taking all her mfn money!!!!” another person said.

“IN HER OWN WORDS ‘He said his love language was physical touch so i swung on him.’ GO TO THE POLICE, go to a therapist. Not to ur live,” another person said.

Chrisean Rock later backtrack on her statement saying that she was actually drunk and had a mental breakdown. Rock also said that she attempted to jump from a moving car on the freeway.