Chrisean Rock Says Ex-Boyfriend Is Trolling Blueface About Son’s Paternity

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Chrisean Rock has stepped forward to deny that her ex-boyfriend Ronny Doe is just trolling Blueface and is not really the father of her son Chrisean Jr.

While fans remain in the dark about whether or not Blueface is the father of Chrisean Rock’s baby boy, the Los Angeles rapper has shared his doubts about being the father since she announced her pregnancy earlier this year.

Things have only gotten stranger since she gave birth in Baltimore in September while live streaming on Instagram Live for hundreds of thousands of fans to witness. Not only was Blueface not present in the delivery room, but he was partying with the mother of his first son, Jaidyn Alexis, which triggered heavy backlash from Rock’s fans. He later defended himself, saying that she never told him she was leaving Los Angeles to give birth in another state, while still raising doubts he is the child’s father.

On Tuesday (September 26), Chrisean Rock’s ex-boyfriend Ronny Doe shared a message on his Instagram Story where he tagged Blueface telling the rapper that he is not the child’s father. The post went viral after Chrisean liked several tweets from folks posting side-by-side photos of Ronny and the baby.

Blueface reacted to the story, saying that he is happy to learn that he is not Chrisean Jr’s father. He later reinforced his stance, saying that he only has one baby mother, which is Jaidyn Alexis.

It seems Chrisean Rock has also had some time to think about the repercussion of her social media antics surrounding the paternity of her son and decided to clear up the rumors. “My ex know he trolling even from claiming my child knowing it’s blues for some odd reason ppl don’t know wen to stop trolling,” she tweeted.

Blueface has not yet responded to her latest tweet. In the meantime, Chrisean shared a sweet photo of her baby boy on X.

Aside from a row about the baby’s paternity, the couple is also facing tremendous scrutiny over a birth defect the baby has. Earlier this week, Blueface shared a disturbing photo of the baby having what appears to be a hernia that he requires surgery for. A ton of celebrities also reacted, with some folks like Keke Palmer and Masika reaching out to Chrisean Rock to offer support. The rapper’s manager, Wack 100, also urged her to take the child to a hospital for treatment ASAP.

According to Blueface, Rock has missed several doctor’s appointments in the weeks after giving birth, a claim that she has since denied.