Chrisean Rock and Blueface United Front For Family Thanksgiving

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Chrisean Rock says she want to get back together with Blueface after they reunited for a family Thanksgiving dinner.

Blueface might be everything but a bad dad as he ensured that he saw his newborn baby Chrisean Jr. on Thanksgiving Day. Both Rock and Blueface appeared to be in a good place after they were seen smiling and getting along during the visit, and they even posted positively about themselves after the interaction.

Chrisean Rock shared updates on her social media account to ensure that Jaidyn Alexis could see that Blueface was visiting her. The rapper could be seen joking around with Rock and also playing video games with kids in Rock’s family.

Blueface’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, greenlighted the move as she commended the father of three for not just being with his children with Jaidyn, who she is beefing with currently.

“That’s right son you don’t owe no one but them kids. She only want her cut in the end. You be running around here looking like @tyrese in the end,” Saffold said as she hinted that Blueface’s plan to marry Jaidyn would end up in a money grab situation as Tyrese and his estranged wife, Samantha Lee.

Rock and Blueface also tweeted about the visit. “It’s thanksgivings I’m a nice Bm,” Rock tweeted while Blueface added, “I’m really a nice guy.”

Rock also took to Instagram Live as she hinted that she wanted to be with Blueface if he wanted her. “Then we genuinely have a bond for real,” she said about her and Blueface. “Stop playing me, stop playing with your son, stop playing with your son,” Rock said, adding that she does not like what Blueface is doing.

Chrisean Rock revealed that she was dating someone new, and she was spotted out and about with rising rapper K Suave. However, it seems that she still wants to give Blueface a chance.

“Why it didn’t because we both didn’t want the same thing. But if we want the same thing let me know. If we don’t, my n***a let me drag and you continue dragging,” she said while lighting a marijuana spliff.