Chinese Embassy: Sunday Express report was most irresponsible

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

THE Chinese Embassy has condemned a Sunday Express page one report titled, The Lab Report: Sinopharm Tested.

In a post on its Facebook page, the embassy said it had taken note of the Sunday Express report on the efficacy of Chinese vaccines, more specifically the Sinopharm vaccine.

The conclusions of the news report are based on a “crude and amateurish study”with only four samples, and is thus a complete farce, the embassy said.

“We are glad to see that the medical lab referred to in the report immediately issued a disclaimer against this report, emphasising that, “scientific analysis and opinions should be left for professionals and those qualified to do so and must be based on facts.”

Describing this as a “most irresponsible media report,” the embassy said the story blatantly ignored many world-recognised scientific research, distorted the facts, violated journalism ethics, created public panic and meant to undermine the resolve and actions of the TT people in their “brave battle” against the pandemic.

“We deeply deplore and firmly oppose this media report, urge relevant parties to immediately rectify its wrongdoing, take concrete measures to undo the damage, and not to move further down the wrong path,” the embassy said.

The efficacy of Chinese vaccines, the embassy pointed out, has been proven by the World Health Organization (WHO) and many other professional institutions.

More than 100 countries worldwide have approved and administered Sinopharm vaccines and have further testified to its efficacy with solid research data, the embassy claimed.

According to the WHO, a large multi-country Phase 3 trial has shown that two doses of covid19 vaccine BIBP produced by Sinopharm have an efficacy of 79 per cent against symptomatic infection, and an efficacy of 79 per cent against hospitalisation.

The embassy said that the European Union (EU) has officially issued a GMP certificate for the Sinopharm vaccine.

“Trampling on human conscience and morality, disinformation such as this is destructive to the fight against the pandemic. The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China urges the media involved, to act responsibly and take an objective and impartial stance on related issues.”

The embassy said that China remains committed to standing in solidarity with all countries including Trinidad and Tobago in an effort to prevail over the covid19 pandemic.