Chief Secretary urges Tobagonians: ‘Market your communities’

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine, centre, is greeted by Ministry of Digital Transformation permanent secretary Cory Belfon as ministry officials, TATT officials and other stakeholders look on at the launch of TATT’s first largescale broadband service St John’s Parish, Tobago, under the Universal Service Fund at the Parlatuvier Multipurpose Facility on June 20. – Photo courtesy Visual Styles

THA CHIEF SECRETARY Farley Augustine has urged residents of Parlatuvier, L’Anse Fourmi and Bloody Bay to capitalise on the opportunities that are now available to them with the launch of a new broadband internet service in their communities.

“With this opportunity comes great responsibility. You must now market your communities and market yourself. You must now pay attention to the fact that the world is watching you,” he said on June 18 while addressing the launch of the service at the Parlatuvier Multipurpose Facility.

Some 170 underserved households are expected to benefit from the broadband service, which was made possible through the efforts of the Telecommunications Authority of TT, Cable & Wireless Communications (C&W), Ministry of Digital Transformation and the THA.  The project was undertaken through the universal service fund.

Augustine said the internet service provides an opportunity for residents to engage in productive endeavours to uplift their community.

“This is not an opportunity to record every dispute you have with your neighbour and post it online. This is not the opportunity to make memes on the elderly in the community. You must remember that the world is actually watching you and what you sell to the world is exactly what they will buy.”

He continued, “So now that the world is open to your doors, virtually, pay attention to what you sell to the world. Ensure that you sell your best self, ensure that you market the very  best of your community, ensure that you tell the world about how beautiful L’Anse Fourmi and Bloody Bay and Parlatuvier is, ensure that you tell the world that you are hospitable and your doors are open to visitors and that they should come from anywhere to visit you.”

Augustine said he was especially excited about the opportunities that are being presented for businesses and entrepreneurs in the area.

“Reliable internet access is a critical catalyst for economic growth, enabling local businesses to expand their reach, improve their operations and compete on a global scale.”