Chief Secretary concerned by frequent road accidents

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Chief Secretary Farley Augustine –

THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine said he is extremely concerned by the number of road accidents in Tobago.

In a Facebook live broadcast on Monday, Augustine said, “For a while it has been on my mind that I probably need to sit with you and pray with you at the start of the work week. I have been observing in our space we have been having quite a few accidents, and I am concerned.”

Almost two weeks ago, a Plymouth man, 30-year-old Benton Charles of Bethesda Trace in Plymouth, was killed when the car he was in crashed into a retaining wall near his home early in the morning. Four other occupants were injured.

Just over a week ago, Keyon Andrews escaped death when the car he was in drove off a precipice in Goodwood.

Augustine said, A lot of our young people are ending up in some difficult places. On Thursday this week we should have the funeral for the fatality that occurred in Plymouth.”

Revealing he was related to Charles, Augustine said, “I just want to encourage everyone to be careful on the road. We have had quite a few accidents, people crashing all over the place. It’s been on my mind to pray for Tobago to have a safe week.”

Augustine expressed commiserations to Charles’ mother, saying he knows it isn’t easy for a parent to bury their child.

He said another of his cousins got into an accident recently.

“That is one of the things that hit home – it’s so easy that we could be here today and gone tomorrow.

Augustine said he was heading to work from Speyside when his official vehicle was flagged down for assistance. He said against advice and protocol, he asked his driver to stop.

“I came out only to realise it was my cousin lying on the ground after his car went over a precipice. Thankfully, he is alive and doing well, just some minor pains.

“Just be safe on the roads. Please have a very productive week.”