Chaguanas businessman killed while on video call to children

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Businessman Darryl Dindial, owner of Dindial’s auto spplies along Caparo / Brasso road Montrose Chaguanas was shot and killed on Thursday outside his businessplace during a robbery –

Chaguanas businessman Darryl Dindial was on his cellphone talking to his two young children on Thursday night when gunmen shot him dead.

The children, 13 and nine, did not see the gunmen via the video call. But they heard their father’s blood-curdling screams.

Relatives told Newsday that the phone fell to the ground and continued to record until passers-by arrived. They said the children are devastated.

“The children took the news very hard. Darryl promised to buy them doubles before coming home. He had already brought plums for them,” a relative said at the family’s home.

Dindial, 52, also called David, owned Dindial’s Auto supplies at Caparo Valley Brasso Road in Montrose, Chaguanas. He had just closed the business and was about to get in his Toyota Hilux van when the gunmen accosted and shot him.

The police believe the men wanted to steal cash and other items from the business. But the owner had already locked the doors. The killers escaped with an undisclosed amount of money that Dindial had with him.

At the family’s home on Friday, relatives described him as well-known for his generosity.

“If these same fallas had walked in and asked for anything, Darryl would have given them. He always gave things to others. If someone had a problem and asked for money, he would give. He loved to help others. He has donated items to many churches, temples and mosques,” the relative said.

“He had no enemies and no one has ever threatened him. He owned the business for over 20 years.”

Dindial’s Auto Supplies on Caparo/Brasso Road, Montrose, Chaguanas, remained closed Friday, after the owner, Darryl Dindial, was shot and killed on Thursday night during a robbery. – Photo by Lincoln Holder

Nearby residents heard gunshots, heard Dindial scream and ran to help him. They put him in the tray of his van and someone drove it to the Chaguanas health facility, where doctors later declared him dead.

Dindial’s sister-in-law Reena Weekes thanked them on behalf of the family for their prompt response.

“Everyone came out and gave support. It was nice of them to do that.”

Weekes added that a few weeks ago she dreamt Dindial was killed. He was told of the dream, but paid no mind.

A businessman from the area said he heard four shots and initially assumed the noise was fireworks. He was about to walk outside when someone told him it was gunshots and he should be cautious.

People then heard Dindial’s screams.

“I was frightened. People started to help him. Blood was all over his clothes. He was wearing a red shirt and we did not realise he was shot in his chest,” the man said.

Another business owner called for more police patrols, saying, “Criminals are roaming the streets.”

Shortly after the shooting, residents blocked the road in front of the business with burning debris to highlight their frustration over the murder. Chaguanas police later cleared the area.

The killers remain at large.

Central Division and Homicide Bureau Region III police are investigating.