Central police join churches for Saturday day of prayer

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

File photo/Angelo Marcelle

CHAGUANAS police have turned to God for help to deal with the surge of crime and criminality in the Central division.

On Saturday the officers will team up with several churches to host a day of prayer and worship at St Park Chaguanas, Ramsarran Street, from 9am-7 pm.

The event will feature nine gospel bands, nine preachers and nine “prayer warriors.”

Speaking to Newsday on Wednesday, Curt Simon, Snr Supt Curt Simon of the Central Division said, “This event is an evangelical event. On Saturday we want to express the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ in our fight against Christ. We need the grace of God to assist us in that fight.

“We realised we cannot be in this fight without God. There is a physical battle and there is a spiritual aspect to this battle.

“We are experiencing a number of murders in the division. We average two murders per day this year, and in our worst-case scenario we have four murders; in our best we get one. That is too much death and blood-shedding for this division.”

He said the division is also struggling with car theft.

“Whilst we had made a serious dent in that car-theft industry earlier on in the year, we see it rising again. It is of concern when we have those robberies. The business community is being affected by these.

“We are not going to put our heads in the sand and say everything will be merry and cheery in the Central Division.”

Rather, he admitted, “There is a problem, there is a surge and while our figures demonstrate there is less of every one of these crimes than…from last year, we are still uncomfortable with the figures we are producing now.”

Simon said even with a resistant investigative and patrol system, the division continues to see a surge.

“This is why this move is important to take now.”