CCC lauds achievements of graduates as it celebrates 20th anniversary

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday


SOME 240 participants of the Civillian Conservation Corps (CCC) were congratulated on Friday on their success of opening their own businesses after completing their training at the last cycle of the programme.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Youth Development and National Service Farouk Hosein said the 240 participants of the 1,600 participants were able to open their own business after completing their courses at the CCC.

He was speaking at the 20th anniversary of programme at the Government Campus Plaza Auditorium, Richmond Street, Port of Spain.

Hosein said 33 per cent of the CCC’s graduates move on to tertiary level education. He also noted a 91 per cent increase in the number of participants from 80 per cent during the years 2019 to present.

“I am confident that you are ready as an institution to prepare yet another generation to advance in the world,” he told the programme’s co-ordinators.

Programme director Major David Benjamin said the CCC underwent many bouts of uncertainty and instability, but managed to keep afloat, even during the pandemic, to provide their services.

He said the Defence Force contributed greatly towards this and continues to do so in the eight regions throughout the country where the CCC is based, to develop the youths of TT.

Benjamin said 28,970 persons graduated from CCC so far and have become independant, confident and disciplined individuals in society.


He also spoke of the five-year agreement with the Vehicle Management Corporation of TT (VMCOTT), which is to be renewed this year, where five CCC’s graduates have secured jobs through their appreticeships.

Benjamin also said there will be an additional training programme – the building and construction certification programme – for the new cycle which will be facilitated by the regiment’s first engineering batallion.

Also speaking at the anniversary ceremony, Commanding officer of the Air Guard, Group Captain Kester Weekes said it was remarkable a conversation around a dinner table could lead to a 20-year successful run of the programme.

At the ceremony, five officers were presented awards for their loyalty to the programme – four of whom for 10 years and one for 20 years.