Cardi B Defends ‘Unproblematic’ Will Smith After Duane Martin Sex Rumors, Chided Tasha K

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Cardi B says she was fooled weeks ago by Tasha K as she reacted to the blogger’s latest episode, where she had a man claiming to be Will Smith’s assistant alleging the actor had a homosexual relationship with Duane Martin.

Weeks ago, Cardi B hinted that she was feeling sorry for Tasha K as she attempted to seize her assets to enforce the almost $4 million judgment for defamation she won against the blogger for lies about her sexual and reproductive health on her show. Tasha K had also pleaded with the rapper to have mercy on her and her children’s future, which may have softened the Bronx rapper.

On November 9, Docket Bird updated its filing that the civil case was “terminated,” causing speculations that Cardi B may have dropped the case to collect on Tasha K’s assets.

However, the rapper popped up online as she blasted Tasha K for fooling her.

“I don’t like how I got fooled a couple weeks ago. some people just never change, never never change and you want to know something? I don’t like what people be doing to Will Smith. I find that Will Smith is very unproblematic, and I feel like he got a nice heart,” the “Wap” rapper said on Instagram Live.

The rapper also shared that she and Will Smith are Libras, and people often test those under the sign but are shocked when Libras lose it.

The “Money” rapper continued journalists need to be careful when they are putting out salacious reports.

“I’m so tired of people picking on that man, dead a$$. and I feel it’s your job as a journalist, you should be able to detect whether somebody is bullsh*tting or not. Cause anybody could say somebody, look what happened to me in 2018 and I didn’t even know her name who said she knew me, she went to my house, anybody can say a fake story about you, and people believe them,” she said.

Cardi B did not name Tasha K, but she shared sympathy for Will, noting that any salacious report would affect his mental health and that others needed to be careful when they are making up lies about each other.

Cardi’s comments come just a week after she hinted that she was feeling sorry for Tasha K, who was finding it hard to repay the judgment.

It seems that Tasha K softened the rapper after she reached out in her DMs to share support after she said she wanted to end her life. Tasha K has not addressed the criticisms she has received over the allegations about Will Smith.