Businessman stabs bandit during robbery

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

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A Barrackpore businessman took heed of the advice of Sen Supt Richard Smith for homeowners and business operators to protect themselves as they see fit from miscreants, when he stabbed one of three bandits during a robbery.

Threatened with death, the businessman fought back, stabbing one of his assailants who stormed his grocery mart and robbed him on Wednesday night.

Around 7pm on Wednesday, the proprietor was at his place of business when the three armed suspects entered.

A male of mixed descent and two men of African descent used their T-shirts and bandanas to cover their faces and mask their identities.

They robbed him of a quantity of assorted cigarettes valued at approximately TT$3,500 and cash from the day’s sale amounting to $2,500 in various denominations.

Pointing a gun at him, one of the suspects threatened to kill the proprietor. One of them attempted to hold him, but the proprietor who quietly armed himself with a kitchen knife, dealt one of them three stabs to his left hand.

The surprised bandits then quickly escaped from the business place on foot, running along the Cumoto North roadway.

Barrackpore police was contacted and PC Ramdatt along with other officers responded, viewed footage and searched extensively for the suspects without success.

CSI officers also visited the scene and found workable prints.

PC Ramdatt is continuing enquiries into the robbery incident.

At a police town meeting in Barrackpore last month to discuss an upsurge in home invasions in the district, Smith, advised residents to deal with criminals as they saw fit.

Smith told attendees their homes were their castles and they were entitled to protect themselves against any external individuals who came to make trouble for them.

“You have to protect yourself and your family. I would not go on to say how. You use your imagination, deal with it accordingly because they are in your place,” Smith said at the meeting as victims spoke of their trauma.

Laltoo Seepersad who was attacked several years ago, said he was still traumatised, as he came into daily contact with criminals who lived in his community.

Police promised increased patrols but residents said the invasions were still continuing.