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OLATUNJI YEARWOOD’s name was in the mouths of many, even as he celebrated his 33rd birthday yesterday, not only because of his birthday but because he had gotten the nod from all four of The X Factor judges including Simon Cowell. Ola’s appearance before judges Cowell, Louis Tomlinson, Robbie Williams and Ayda Field performing his 2018 song Bodyline was aired September 2 on ITV. The taping of the show took place at Wembley, UK. His performance had Cowell say, “4,500 yeses.” It also led to him being featured in the UK’s The Sun newspaper on September 2. Although Ola wowed the judges and audience, being in front of a new audience and even looking at it on television was a bit nervy for the artist. Canada Goose Homme The former Groovy Soca Monarch told Newsday during a phone interview yesterday, when asked about being on The X Factor stage, “It was very nerve-wracking. It still is very nerve-wracking even from watching it on the television and all. And the actual process being backstage with the production team and the constant filming. nike air max flyknit And all of these contestants who are really, really good, vocally as well too. The nerves are really real.

Ola (Olatunji Yearwood) strikes a pose after delivering a performance which wowed the judges of the British reality show, The X Factor. He performed on the show’s stage on August 3 which aired on September 2.

“Then there is a new crowd you are performing to over the world. A new crowd for soca. It was kind of nervy,” he said. Ola’s road to X Factor began last year December, his manager Kyle Clarke said. Clarke said an e-mail with Ola’s profile was sent to the show “sometime December last year.” His team then received a phone call from one of the show’s talent scouts who “absolutely loved his Bodyline video.” The show then asked if Ola would be interested in auditioning and, if it was okay with them, they wanted to send Ola’s music to Syco Music, Cowell’s record label. “They replied to us and told us, they absolutely loved it and if we could do an audition via Skype,” Clarke added.

Olatunji Yearwood, Ola, being interviewed by the X Factor’s production team after performing on the show at Wembley, UK on August 3 which aired on September 2.

Sometime in May this year, Clarke said, the Skype audition was done. The team received a called toward the middle of June saying Ola was successful and “they wanted us to come out to London to audition for the judges at Wembley. That is when the process started.” The Wembley audition took place on August 3. Since the airing and the news that Ola has made it to the show’s second round has been made public, Clarke’s and Ola’s phones have not stopped ringing. Clarke was not sure when the second round would air since they have not been given details and the auditions are being aired at the moment, but Ola and his team leave for the UK sometime around September 12 or 13. As for song choice Ola said he believes Bodyline reached the audience since it was requested. “When Kyle sent them the e-mail and they said we interested in this soca vibes for the competition this year… they said they really interested in the Bodyline even though they know Ola and Oh Yay but they really liked the video (Bodyline), the whole suit and everything. They really liked the vibe how it is a whole crossover,” he said. Going forward Ola is not opposed to doing a cover of a song from an older calypsonian or soca artiste but intends to showcase his work. Soldes Timberland Asked if he might touch on songs of other calypsonians and soca artistes at the show, Ola said, “I was thinking of it actually and that was part of the option I had for the next rounds for choosing songs. But I think they really like my original music too.” He said he is a fan of calypso and soca’s old school, calling names like Kitchener and Sparrow. In Newsday report on January 1, Ola said Bodyline was inspired by jazz and stride’s precursor, ragtime as well as the songs and style of Lord Kitchener. His performance brought back memories for Lord Kitchener’s children, Quweina and Kernal Roberts. Responding to questions via Whats app, Quweina Roberts said Ola’s Bodyline was inspired by her father’s 1946 Jump in the Line which got him his first Road March. In Kitchener’s song 12 Bar Joan the phrase Shake Your Bodyline was also used. She said many variations of the same song were done thereafter by different people but it was popularised by Harry Belafonte in 1961. “So Jump in the Line and 12 Bar Joan were strong influences in Ola’s song,” she added. Like many Trinis who saw Ola’s performance, Roberts was “really proud of him.” “My father loved jazz and swing music and he fused that in many of his songs. ugg femme So there is a nostalgia of his music when you listen to Ola’s song,” she said. Roberts added that Ola is extremely talented and very underrated. She has known Ola since he was singing calypso in the various competitions. “His father, Eddie Yearwood, worked with my dad as well so there was no doubt he would be doing great work. tn requin pas cher homme His brother, Remy, just as great. When it’s in your blood you can’t deny it,” she said. Kernal, who is soca producer, singer and songwriter, also said he was delighted and very happy for Ola. “Obviously anytime anybody takes soca music and puts it on a world platform, it must tickle your fancy, as a Trinidadian being very patriotic and being part of the artform,” he said. Kernal discovered that his father had a song called Jump and shake your bodyline but it is not the same song as Ola’s. “It is different songs. He was probably influenced by the name,” he said. Kernal recalled Ola, who he described as being heavily influenced by Lord Kitchener, “used to come by my aunt in Belmont and he would imitate daddy and have the whole yard laughing. He would do the Bee’s Melody dance…” Like Quewina, Kernal had memories of his father while watching Ola on the X Factor stage. “I was watching him and kind of seeing a young Kitch on stage. In England, when daddy went England and became famous out there and thing. He jogged my memory a lot. It was real, real, good to see that. I was very happy for soca music,” he said. Canada Goose Langford Parka Ola and his team’s greater plan is to represent TT, brand TT and soca music. Both Clarke and Ola are overwhelmed by the response of many Trinis to Ola’s appearance on the X Factor. “We cannot believe. We knew we did alright in the auditions. We knew Trinidad would support us but we did not think it would be that much. We are still in shock actually both of us. But we really love the support and look forward to it going forward,” Clarke said. Ola wants to showcase TT’s artform but it would be nice while doing so, if he won. While he goes along the X Factor journey, Ola wants TT and the Caribbean to continue supporting on this venture. “We really need the support from TT and the Caribbean. timberland pas cher They really want every piece of TT in The X Factor,” he said.