Botched drug deal leaves two dead, two wounded


Two men are dead, two wounded and others are at large after a drug deal went sour on Wednesday afternoon.

Police said four men – one from Sangre Grande, one from San Juan and two from Point Fortin met another group of six at Price Plaza, Chaguanas and went to Crown Trace, Enterprise around 1 pm.

There was to be an exchange of ten pounds of marijuana valued at over $100,000.

There was a disagreement between both groups and two men from the group of four were shoved into a vehicle used by the other group.

The other two men ran into their vehicle and drove to the nearby police base and reported the incident.

Police said the kidnappers called several times on the phone of one of the escapees making demands for the money to be dropped off at an undisclosed location.

The Special Operations Response Team, Central Division police, Longdenville police, Guard and Emergency Branch, and Task Force went to the HDC’s Lion’s Gate housing community in Enterprise.

Police said one of the kidnapped victims escaped and went to the nearby police base with chops wounds. The other victim was found not far away with chop wounds to his stomach and head.

Police found the kidnappers hiding in a house and a shootout ensued. Two men were shot and later died at the Chaguanas health facility while the others escaped.

The men who were abducted are at hospital in stable condition. Two guns were recovered at the scene.

Police are asking for assistance in identifying the dead men.

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