Boko Haram Pursues Nigerian Refugees Fleeing Into Cameroon


Lisa Schlein GENEVA— The United Nations refugee agency says Boko Haram insurgents have increased cross-border attacks as they pursue refugees from northern Nigeria who fled into Cameroon, seeking safety. The UNHCR says it is stepping up efforts to move the refugees away from the volatile border to a safer area inland. The U.N. refugee agency reports around 100 Nigerians are crossing into Cameroon every day. But,…

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Reggae singer faces cancer as 'peacemaking mission' - Reporter-Times


Reggae singer faces cancer as 'peacemaking mission'
Bronte James and wife, Elisa James, started the reggae band Afro Omega in 2002. Four children and 12 years later, the couple is still performing at concerts and has recently finished a new album. However, their music came to a halt when Bronte began ...
Battling CANCER with MUSICJamaica Observer

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