Blueface Suggests Chrisean Rock and Rapper Lil Mabu Are Dating

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

“Thotiana” rapper Blueface doesn’t appear fazed that his baby mother, Chrisean Rock, is moving on and even encouraged her to “make it official” with a new producer she was spotted with earlier this week.

Rock shared several videos and photos of herself in New York, where she caught up with producer/rapper Lil Mabu. The pair were spotted in the studio hanging out, and at one point, Chrisean Rock referred to her as her “new daddy” and a “young genius.”

Lil Mabu was also seen coaching Chrisean on how her lyrics should sound to suit the beat of the music. It seems that the pair also shot a music video as she shared snippets and photos of her singing with a stack of cash to her ear, and later, she is seen sleeping on a couch with a hat over her face and money strewn around her on the ground and the sofa.

Chrisean has continued her musical journey just a month after giving birth. It appears that she and Blueface are finally broken up. Chrisean seemingly teased on Friday that she was intimate with someone for the first time since giving birth and even questioned whether she could get pregnant so soon again.

“N why tf did it feel like I lost my virginity all over again. Like I was so emotional like it was beautiful,” she said in a now-deleted tweet. In another, she added, “So if u get nutted n while u bleeding can u get pregnant? Like wen does postpartum p**sy ends?”

On Friday night, it seems that Blueface caught wind of Chrisean’s latest moves and dropped in to wish her and Lil Mabu well. “The duo we didn’t know we needed,” he commented under a No Jumper post. “Let’s go y’all should make it official fr,” he added.

Rock and Mabu might not be dating, but earlier this week, she revealed that she was on FaceTime with a possible new love interest.

“Who else love a ninja with dimples/tats,” she wrote.

She hasn’t revealed the name of the gentleman, or maybe it’s just a gimmick to get under Blueface’s skin. The rapper seems to be committed and decimated to Jaidyn Alexis as they released her latest track, “Barbie,” last week.