Blueface Reunites With Chrisean Rock and Son, Jaidyn Alexis Responds

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Rapper Blueface is back with Chrisean Rock as he broke up with the mother of his two oldest children, Jaidyn Alexis, to be with Chrisean Rock, who recently gave birth to their son.

The trio has been nothing but messy as they air out each other’s laundry on social media over the last month following Rock’s birth of the child. While some were not surprised, it seems that Jaidyn was caught off guard that Blueface still left her and their children to be with Rock in Baltimore.

On Sunday, Chrisean Rock posted a photo of Blueface half-naked and asleep next to the baby in her bed. The post comes two weeks after she gave birth and almost a week since he threatened to file for legal custody of the baby so he and Jaidyn could raise the child.

“Daddy and I,” Rock captioned the photo of Blueface and the baby, which was posted to a social media account in the child’s name. This is the first time Blueface meets the baby, as he was absent at the birth.

Blueface with his son Chrisean Jr.

On Twitter, Jaidyn Alexis also hinted that she fired Blueface as her manager in her recently launched music career.

She appeared to lose her marbles after Blueface boasted about being a great dad.

“I don’t know how to be a deadbeat I’m sorry I can’t live up to you guys bad dad expectations,” Blueface tweeted on Saturday night along with a video of him with friends at a gas station in Baltimore.

“Get f**king foreal while y’all at a arco waiting for pennies n quarters in a Styrofoam cup,” responded.

Blueface also hinted at trouble in his household, writing, “I try to help my people an they always turn on me.”

Jaidyn replied, “u weirdo b**tch I’m the only one who ever had ur back I held u down man y’all see this?? Narcissist and manipulative smh.”

“I tried to forgive but never forgot he never did right by me and I’m over due for happiness and love I gave u every piece I ever had & u could’ve had my last bite ? it’s okay I get it u can’t man up I understand I wish nun but the best and please let me go,” she added in another tweet.

Blueface also announced, “I signed both my baby mommas I guess I’m the problem.”

However, Jaidyn claims that she “being his baby momma is still up for debate.” “But go off I know u need clout,” she added.

Jaidyn also mocked Blueface, who went off on Chrisean a week ago after she was seen at a football match, and he threatened to have the child taken away because she was leaving the baby with strangers or people who he claims abused Chrisean as a kid.

“Who’s watching the baby,” Jaidyn wrote. She also hinted that she was ready to move on from Blueface. “There is ALWAYS another b**ch or n***a I never gave away what u did I’m done I said what I said.”

The mother of two also lamented how much she was behind Blueface, but he betrayed her.

“They [fans] only believed in u bc u had some to show for it I worked two jobs and walked to work while he sat n sold weed at my momma house cut the sh*t on me,” she tweeted.

Chrisean Rock has been silent on social media, which says a lot given that she was crying over Blueface and telling him that she and her son loved him unconditionally despite his behavior toward her.

There is also a new video showing Chrisean happy as a lark as she signed her signature to a black piece of baby with the words “Milf Music” scrawled at the top. This appears to be a “contract” signing her to his new label. The baby is also seen in the background while new music by Blueface is playing.

“…problems with her, I still love my baby momma,” he rapped.

Blueface has not addressed what’s happening between him and Jaidyn and Rock.