Bishop’s High School Club urges eco-friendly choices

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Bishop’s High School Environmental Club members at Little Rockly Bay, Lowlands, Tobago, in 2022, as part of a beach clean-up initiative. – Joey Bartlett

Bishop’s High School’s Environmental Club is on a mission to promote sustainable environmental practices.

The club is encouraging students to adopt eco-friendly habits that reduce waste, combat global warming and address environmental challenges.

In a statement on Friday, the club expressed concerns over high temperatures caused by global warming, which it said were currently stressing coral reefs in Tobago and leading to coral bleaching.

The club also highlighted the urgent need to address single-use plastic pollution, which it said had already impacted marine organisms in coral-reef ecosystems.

Coral bleaching results from changes in conditions such as temperature, light, or nutrients, causing the reef to expel symbiotic algae and turn white. Additionally, the statement pointed out the adverse effects of global warming on agriculture, saying farmers are struggling to grow their crops and the heat has also caused increased health complications.

The club emphasised the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, practicing the three Rs (reducing, reusing, and recycling), and adopting renewable energy sources to protect the environment. Their focus for 2024 is the Recycle It Project, encourages students and staff to separate waste using the eco-bins provided.

It is also undertaking a Green Space Enhancement Project, aimed at creating green spaces on the school’s premises to reduce heat and the school’s carbon footprint.

The club hosts an annual Upcycle Competition that encourages participants to reuse and recycle “old” materials in new and creative ways. This year’s participants are tasked with creating a carnival costume using recyclable materials.

The competition aims to foster the mindset of repurposing waste.