Bishop answers question: Why is church important in crime fight? Loop Barbados

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The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

With some questioning ‘How returning to God could help improve Barbados’s current crime situation?’, one religious leader is adamant that the church is like a compass that points people in the right direction.

Bishop Stephen Cumberbatch of the First National Baptist Church at Mahogany Lane in Bridgetown, St Michael, says that church is a powerful tool in the arsenal for combating the crime and violence plaguing the island.

I think as a nation, we need to get back to God

He told Loop News, “Our spirituality is important, our foundation in the Lord, our foundation in Christ. The Bible says if the foundation be destroyed, what will the righteous do?…

“The church offers a spiritual foundation. Church is the House of God, the House of Prayer, where we reassemble, and we get our spiritual instruction…a place where you can chart a good course.”

Bishop Cumberbatch’s assembly is located in the heart of The City, which at times during 2023, seemed to be a hot spot for gun crimes. On November 6, 2022, alone, there were two fatal shootings in Bridgetown with a 22-year-old football rising star Kobe Shepherd dying in Greenfield near his home and 47-year-old Mark Armstrong succumbed to his gunshot wounds in the Granville Williams Bus Terminal in Fairchild Street.

a lot of young people don’t know about church nor Sunday school

Concerned about the youth, in particular, he continued:

“I think as a nation, we need to get back to God. I wouldn’t even say to church, I would say to God, in order to get rid of all the ills that we’ve been seeing – the violence especially among young people.”

Shaking his head, he lamented, “I feel that this generation and the generation after… a lot of young people don’t know about church nor Sunday school…”

He also encouraged persons, young and adult, to get back to Bible study as well. He urged that the church also offers Bible Study for those who need support on their journey.