Beachgoers enjoy family time on Boxing Day

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

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Having stayed indoors for most of Christmas Day, a few families opted for the outdoors on Boxing Day, choosing to visit the beach.

Newsday visited both the Pigeon Point and Store Bay Beach facilities, where very few families were seen bathing, playing games on the sand and children building sandcastles under the watchful eyes of parents and guardians.

Some beachgoers preferred to speak on the condition of anonymity, but one thing that was evident was that spending time together was the main priority this holiday season.

At Pigeon Point, Cheryl DeFreitas said she and her family were visiting from Trinidad and chose to visit the beach, which is her family tradition.

“This is something we do annually. We didn’t do it for the past two years of covid19, so we’re definitely glad to be doing this again.

“My husband and I prepared food, organised our drinks, and we bring our children together to just have a brain cooler. They deserve it.

“Prior to coming to Tobago, I ensured that I cleaned my home, changed curtains and everything traditionally done. So we’re here now to rest and rejuvenate together.”

Ann-Marie Dixon said: “Yesterday (Christmas Day), we prepared lunch and everybody come and we ate together. We had a good time. So today, we’re relaxing.”

Christopher Slater was visiting from St Lucia.

“We’ve heard so much about Tobago and how ideal it is for rest and rejuvenation. So we’re here for the holidays. We’ve been here for the past four days, and we definitely cannot complain. The warmth of the people is real. We’re definitely enjoying it and would come again.”

His travelling partner, Carel said the decision to come to Tobago for the holidays was the best ever.

“Tobago is great. I’ve been to Trinidad previously, but this is my first time to Tobago. Best decision ever.

“Even here at the beach. Don’t get me wrong, St Lucia has beaches as well, but I really am enjoying this experience.”

Peter Solomon said his children chose beach as the activity in which they wanted to spend time together, but he was also happy to be outdoors.

“For two years basically we couldn’t do this, we could have barely spent time (together). So now it’s all about finding different ways to spend time, but more than that, quality time with my family.”

He said he was in the water earlier and had planned on returning.

“The things we take for granted: the water was so warm so I definitely would go back in just now.”

At Store Bay, Dawn Kent said she couldn’t resist bringing her children to have some fun, sea and sand.

“Them children asked to come. The holidays would soon be over and it would be back to work and school. So I brought them to bask in the Boxing Day holiday.”

Celeste Kent-Drysdale said the beach day with her family was a much-needed stress reliever for herself and her children.

“We are enjoying them (the children) seeing the beach after so long. Imagine, my daughter said she’s going to be making a sand snowman – so I am here watching on.”